Selectaglaze Secondary Glazing Product and Performance Guide

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Detailed guide to Selectaglaze secondary glazing products, their design, performance and main applications. Warmer : Quieter : Safer 
  • Guidance on thermal efficiency with secondary glazing including U-values
  • How secondary glazing products offer protection against noise nuisance and detailing the actual performance of Selectaglaze products in this area including Rw/dB values
  • A guide to enhanced window security using Selectaglaze secondary glazing systems; providing protection against blast mitigation, physical attack, ballistic protection and fire resistance
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Thermal performance brochure

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Thermal secondary brochure - How secondary glazing improves energy performance Benefits of thermal secondary glazing:
  • 50-60% reduction in heat loss
  • Draught reduction
  • Achieving U-values of 1.2 with specialist thermal units
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Acoustic performance brochure

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Acoustic brochure - How secondary glazing improves noise insulation Significant reduction in noise levels will:
  • Create a quieter less stressful environment
  • Reduce sleep disturbance
  • Help improve concentration and productivity
  • Protect hearing
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Security performance brochure

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Security secondary brochure - How secondary glazing improves the safety of windows Performance standards met:
  • PAS24 (secured by design)
  • LPS1175: SR1 to SR3
  • Blast resistance EXV45 - EXV15
  • Bullet resistance to FB4
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Selectaglaze 50th Anniversary Book

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The Selectaglaze 50th Anniversary book - A celebration of our successes over five decades A brief overview:
  • Our history from 1966 to 2016
  • Examples of our work
  • Thoughts about our future 
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Secondary glazing - Case studies

Prime examples of secondary glazing
Prime examples of secondary glazing - A case studies collection Contents:
  • Hotels
  • Education
  • Residential
  • Offices
  • Museums, Libraries and Leisure
  • Government and Public Buildings
  • Churches
  • Healthcare
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Frequently asked technical questions

A brochure answering frequently asked technical questions in relation to the use of Selectaglaze secondary glazing
Answers to frequently asked technical questions regarding the use and installation of secondary glazing. Topics include:
  • Does secondary glazing work with curtains, blinds and shutters?
  • Considerations of secondary glazing working with building features; doors, partitions, dry lined walls and bulkheads
  • How to deal with obstructions, out of square reveals and window cills
  • Condensation and secondary glazing
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