Selectaglaze Secondary Glazing Product and Performance Guide

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Detailed guide to Selectaglaze secondary glazing products, their design, performance and main applications. Warmer : Quieter : Safer 
  • Guidance on thermal efficiency with secondary glazing including U-values
  • How secondary glazing products offer protection against noise nuisance and detailing the actual performance of Selectaglaze products in this area including Rw/dB values
  • A guide to enhanced window security using Selectaglaze secondary glazing systems; providing protection against blast mitigation, physical attack, ballistic protection and fire resistance
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Thermal performance brochure

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Thermal secondary brochure - How secondary glazing improves thermal performance Benefits of thermal secondary glazing:
  • 50-60% reduction in heat loss
  • Draught reduction
  • Achieving U-values of 1.2 with specialist thermal units
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Acoustic performance brochure

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Acoustic brochure - How secondary glazing improves acoustic performance Significant reduction in noise levels will:
  • Create a quieter less stressful environment
  • Reduce sleep disturbance
  • Help improve concentration and productivity
  • Protect hearing
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Security performance brochure

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Security secondary brochure - How secondary glazing improves the safety of windows Performance standards met:
  • PAS24 (secured by design)
  • LPS1175: SR1 to SR3
  • Blast resistance EXV45 - EXV15
  • Bullet resistance to FB4
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Selectaglaze 50th Anniversary Book

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The Selectaglaze 50th Anniversay book - A celebration of our successes over five decades A brief overview:
  • Our history from 1966 to 2016
  • Examples of our work
  • Thoughts about our future 
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Secondary glazing - Case studies

Prime examples of secondary glazing
Prime examples of secondary glazing - A case studies collection Contents:
  • Hotels
  • Education
  • Residential
  • Offices
  • Museums, Libaries and Leisure
  • Government and Public Buildings
  • Churches
  • Healthcare
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