St Philip's Church, Wolverhampton

Grade II Listed Anglican Church rejoices at new acoustic secondary glazing installation

St Philip's Church

St Philip’s is a Grade II Listed Anglican Church, built between 1858-1859 to Victorian gothic design, in the Penn Fields Conservation Area, south-west of the centre of Wolverhampton. In 1996 the church had an internal remodelling with the space divided to increase the multi-functionality of the building. Worship is undertaken on the first floor, with the ground floor playing host to community events and uses. Architects Brownhill Hayward Brown and Main Contractor Stone Edge were tasked with a full-scale internal refurbishment of the Church in 2020, so contacted Selectaglaze to discuss an acoustic secondary glazing solution to prevent noise ingress and egress. 34 units were installed to 11 openings, a combination of 11 Series 10 slimline horizontal sliding units and 23 Series 46 slimline fixed light units. In each of the four stone openings on the ground floor, the fixed lights were coupled to the sliding unit, providing access for cleaning and to follow the tracery of the gothic arched heads. In the Church space on the first floor, similar treatments were installed within wooden reveals; Series 10 slimline units coupled to Series 46 arched heads. Since the completion of the works, the Church is impressed with the thermal improvements and the unobtrusive look of the secondary glazing. Events on the ground floor can be held at the same time as church services, without disrupting prayer and the secondary glazing will ensure noise egress and ingress to and from Church Road are kept to a bare minimum.


External view of St Philips Church in Penn Fields, Wolverhampton
Black gothic arched secondary glazing at St Philips Church Wolverhampton
Internal windows with acoustic secondary glazing overlooking the ground floor worship area with secondary glazing
Multi unit secondary glazing to acoustically treat a large arched window in St Philips church, Wolverhampton
St Philips Church Series 10 3 pane secondary glazing for acoustic insulation

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