Zoe Williams

Head of Marketing

Zoe has worked in marketing since 2007 and likes the diversity of work the discipline brings – one minute working up a creative piece and the next focusing on technical data for analysis. She has been in senior marketing roles at a number of companies associated with the Built Environment, so has a good overall understanding of the industry, as well as specialist knowledge gained at Selectaglaze about windows and secondary glazing.
Zoe Williams, Head of Marketing, Selectaglaze

Did you know... a bit about me

What are your responsibilities at Selectaglaze?

I oversee and report to the Board of Directors, on all marketing activity at Selectaglaze. I manage a team of two

When did you join Selectaglaze?


What are your most stand out projects?

They all have their quirks and are special in their own way. Some of the main projects I have achieved at Selectaglaze are the development and on-going updates to the current website, production of the Product and Performance Guide, introducing new practices and processes

Who do you deal with the most?

As a department, we have the pleasure of communicating with all clients as well as all Selectaglaze employees

Who would be your ideal dinner guest?

Very selfishly I would like two (!) as they are linked by travel/the earth but look at it from different perspectives. To my left would be Michael Palin – giving an anthropological view and Sir David Attenborough on my right talking all things naturalist – heavenly!

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