St George's Church

The house that quietly rocks!

Client:      St George's Church

St Georges church in Tufnell Park dates back to 1861 based on a medieval church in Salonica. More recently the "House on the Rock", a Protestant evangelical church organisation bought, completely renovated and renaming it "The Rock Tower". Not only a place of worship, it also provides a multi-functional centre for the wider community being used for live music events and theatrical productions. Therefore acoustic insulation for noise containment was paramount. The majority of the windows were gothic arched headed stone mullion with stained glass. The windows to the Nave, measuring 4.5m high x 2m wide, some being 11m from floor level, required shaped units for the heads with either side hung casements or vertical sliding units below for ease of access and maintenance. A mezzanine floor was added to provide a seating balcony which dissected many of the windows needing secondary glazing. Selectaglaze treated a total of 60 windows, using Series 40, 41 and 45 Side Hung Casements, all glazed with 6.4mm laminated safety glass.