Francis Holland School

Quiet comfortable classrooms for the pupils of Francis Holland School

Client: Francis Holland Schools Trust

Founded in 1878 by the Reverend Canon Francis Holland, this establishment has provided an excellent education for many generations of girls. Due to its special architectural importance the building has been given Grade II Listing.  One of the features of the school is its single glazed, aging windows.  The existing secondary glazing was of poor quality and inefficient.  As the façade of a Listed building must not be altered, secondary glazing is widely accepted as a solution.   Selectaglaze was consulted to address these issues and came up with secondary glazing solutions to make the school environment more suitable for learning together with improving energy efficiency and security.  After the installation of the units, the school is now warmer with a heat loss reduction of up to 50%. A range of Selectaglaze units were used throughout the school, depending on the specific requirement of the building and its occupants.  In all, three separate types of unit were required for the thirty five windows requiring treatment. An additional benefit of installing the secondary glazing was a reduction in noise ingress.  The World Health organisation recommends an acoustic level of 40 – 35 dB, which are easily achievable with bespoke secondary glazing.