Kenmare House - University of Cambridge

Warmer and quieter offices for the Master and Staff

Pembroke College (University of Cambridge)

Situated on the corner of Trumpington Street and Mill Lane in Cambridge, three neighbouring buildings forming part of Pembroke College’s estate have recently been renovated, which was no easy task. One of which is the Grade II Listed Kenmare House. Over 60 units were installed throughout the building. On the front elevation, where noise ingress was a larger concern, the secondary glazing was installed with a larger cavity, to create the sound insulation. On the rear of the building the glazing was mainly for thermal and one intricately etched large window overlooking a flat roof, had a large Secured by Design unit installed for added security. A range of styles were included in the design including, Series 10 - 2 and 3 pane horizontal sliders, Series 20 vertical sliders and Series 45 side hung casements (plus more). Some windows had arched heads, so special timber grounds were produced in the workshop, with a great deal of scribing and care taken during installation on site. The most demanding in terms of time and precision was making the curved unit fit, with its specially designed timber sub frame.  A noticeable difference can already be felt with the installation of the secondary glazing; staff can work peacefully whilst the tourists pass by on their guided tours and are cosy with draughts and heat loss eliminated.
Front and side elevation of Kenmare House part of Pembroke College, Cambridge University
Office in Kenmare House with 2 series 20 vertical sliding secondary glazed units and one series 25 curved on plan
Vertical sliding curved on plan secondary glazing at Kenmare House, Cambridge
Arched head secondary glazing in the corridor at a Grade II Listed building in Cambridge

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