The Zetter Hotel

The boutique Zetter Hotel

Client:      Zetter Hotel

Originally a warehouse and once the home of the football pools company of the same name, the owners of the 59-room ZETTER HOTEL, based in Clerkenwell, aim to reduce energy consumption and become carbon neutral. To this end the hotel collects fresh water via its own borehole beneath the building; has installed an energy loop system capable of swapping energy around to heat rooms and cool fridges and natural light and ventilation is provided by The Zetter's semi-elliptical atrium. The hotel had retained the building's original sash windows and installed bi-folding shutters to the room side of the bedrooms buts this combination did not provide the required level of noise insulation. To remedy this, Selectaglaze provided sliding secondary units fitted flush to the window openings, thus allowing easy access to the shutters and external windows. This has not only produced exceptionally quiet rooms but will help considerably in reducing energy consumption.