The Old Smithy

"The Old Smithy"

Client:      Ms Vanessa Murray

The Old Smithy is a beautiful thatched Listed building in Bedfordshire dating back to the mid 17th Century. Still operating as a smithy in 1925 at the time of the rating Valuation Act, it was described as having a 'parlour, kitchen, pantry, scullery and office, with three bedrooms upstairs in the attics'. Sometime after this entry the property became a family home. However, the current owner found it to be draughty and, being located on a busy main road, was in need of noise insulation. Selectaglaze treated a total of 17 windows in an assortment of shapes and sizes, some of which were finished in brown to match the existing windows. The Smithy’s owner, Vanessa Murray, said:  “I am really pleased with the work done and so impressed with the efficient way Selectaglaze’s team came in and fitted 17 windows in just one day”.