Spoke Shave

A property is never too old for secondary glazing

Client: Mr and Mrs Golds

Mr and Mrs Golds live in a 600 year old house in Chiddingstone, Kent. Their home lies on a main country road connecting local villages and just a stone’s throw away is a lively local pub. Despite the Grade II Listing, the previous owners had replaced the original windows for single glazed crittal units, which looked out of keeping with the rest of the property, so Mr and Mrs Golds decided to replace all the windows with a design more akin to the originals. Although new windows were fitted, they did little to eliminate the draughts and keep the heat in. Whilst browsing through a copy of The Listed Property Owners Club Magazine, Mr Golds noticed an article by Selectaglaze about a recent project in a Listed house in Oakham, so investigated secondary glazing for their own home. A total of eight units were manufactured in the slimline Series 10 two and three pane horizontal sliding range. Time was taken to decide on the right colour to ensure the new additions would blend in and complement the interior décor and the primary windows.