Belton Stables Grantham

Former Listed stable converted to comfortable offices with secondary glazing

Client: The National Trust

Working with Messenger Construction and architects Rodney Melville and Partners, on the Grade I Listed Belton Stables in Grantham owned by the National Trust;  25 thermal secondary glazed units were installed to create a warmer and more comfortable office environment.  In 2018, the ambitious project to conserve and rejuvenate the stables to provide a sustainable future for the building began. Series 10 horizontal sliders were specified for 24 of the original leaded windows in the newly created offices, and meeting rooms on the first floor. Three of the units were glazed with satinovo glass, to maximise privacy in the toilets.   A unique and original feature in one of the offices was a drop-down door, which was retained due to its architectural and agricultural heritage. Full access was desired for ongoing maintenance and to allow natural ventilation, so a Series 20 vertical sliding unit was installed.