Energy efficiency

Many healthcare buildings are of traditional construction with poor insulation standards and will need to consider energy efficiency measures to lower carbon footprints and reduce energy costs. Selectaglaze secondary window systems glazed with low emissivity glass will reduce U-values across the window to less than 1.9 - a reduction of up to 65% against a single glazed metal window. Secondary glazing can be used for a variety of applications in the healthcare sector, in new build or existing buildings alike. Installation can be completed quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption but where the works could impact on staff and patients, installation can be phased to suit periods when the facilities are unoccupied or programmed in with a general refurbishment.

Peace and quiet

The speed of patient rehabilitation and recuperation is of paramount importance, with sleep playing a major part in the healing process. Many hospitals are in noisy locations which can have negative effects on patients getting a ‘good night sleep’. Our secondary glazing systems can reduce noise levels by 42-45dB with standard glass and even higher levels achieved with thicker glass.
Clean rooms can benefit from special secondary glazing units.  These bespoke Series 40 units are well suited to areas that need high levels of control related to; ingress of airborne dust and dirt, maintaining room pressure and containing the spread of infection and disease. Switchable glass or remotely operated blinds to provide privacy when needed can also be incorporated. Applications include critical care units, laboratories and clean rooms.


The security products are well suited for a number of areas:
  • Secure mental health units where there is a need to protect patients from self-harm

  • Pharmacies and laboratories where sensitive or dangerous materials are stored and used

  • Data centres where patient data is stored

The product range includes systems with robust frames incorporating laminated glass or polycarbonate panels and anti-ligature furniture. The installation will also enable the use of privacy blinds between the primary and secondary windows.