Hotels & leisure

Improved comfort levels

Many hotels occupy traditional buildings with single glazed windows that have inadequate seals and provide poor insulation. Surveys show that about half of a hotel's energy consumption is used for heating so raising insulation levels will improve guest satisfaction and reduce running costs. Selectaglaze secondary glazing includes two efficient draught seals and with a low emissivity glass, heat loss can be reduced by up to 65%. The UK tourist industry is booming, and no more so than in our historical towns and city centres. Visitors are attracted by the bars, restaurants and night life, yet these are the things that can make sleeping in a city centre hotel difficult or uncomfortable. Guests want a 'good night's sleep' so keeping unwanted sound out will be high on the agenda for any hotelier.

A good night's sleep for all

A peaceful room that allows a good night's sleep will result in contented guests. The recommended sound level for a hotel room is 30-35dB at night, but busy city centre locations can easily reach 70 -80dB. With an average window reducing sound levels by about 30dB, additional protection is essential.
Acoustic testing of Selectaglaze secondary glazing systems demonstrate the high performance necessary to maintain room occupancy levels and avoid licences being revoked . Using standard glass noise levels can be reduced by 42-45dB and up to 50dB if higher performance glass is introduced. This will ensure the peace and quiet needed for that all important period of sleep for all. 

Pubs, clubs and concert venues

Live music is becoming more and more popular, but venues require a licence under the 2003 act and a condition is that noise must not be a nuisance to neighbours. Where venues have windows, secondary glazing will act to contain the noise within the building and help ensure that license conditions are met. Many pubs, clubs and concert halls have a different problem as they must avoid noise levels that disturb local neighbours; so need to find ways to contain the noise within the building. An effective answer is found with secondary glazing, which not only achieves high levels of noise insulation, but also makes a significant contribution to comfort, safety and the control of energy costs.

Enhanced safety 'duty of care'

In busy city centres accessible windows can attract the attention of opportunistic thieves. A secondary window fitted with simple locks and strengthened glass will act as a deterrent by presenting a second barrier to entry. Hotels near high profile buildings may also have to exercise a 'duty of care' by managing the possible aftermath of a bomb blast. A secondary window glazed with a laminate glass will absorb blast load and markedly reduce the danger of flying shards. An added benefit of laminated glass is its ability to absorb UV light and so protect furnishings and fabric from fade. Selectaglaze offers enhanced systems that are Police Preferred Specifications under the 'Secure by Design' initiative, as well as being certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board.  

Professional delivery

Secondary windows are purpose made to precisely fit each window opening and are fully fabricated off-site. Close cooperation with Front of House and Housekeeping, allows frames to be fitted during room handover periods thereby maintaining room occupancy and avoiding loss of revenue. When full refurbishments are undertaken there is an opportunity to carefully specify the secondary glazing with the professional design teams to optimise the benefits with minimal intrusion to the interior décor.