Warmer environments

Whatever your chosen place of worship, you want to feel relaxed, at peace and safe in your surroundings. For many, the time for worship is also a time to reflect and downtime from busy and stressful lives. Thousands of places of worship are historic buildings, centres of our community and form an important part of our heritage.

Many have also become disused through dwindling congregations and lack of funding, so they are being deconsecrated and offered for change of use. This could be conversion to homes, community centres, theatres and concert halls. However, whether your building is still used for worship or it has undergone change, they all have to be fit for purpose and careful use of secondary glazing can help achieve modern day standards.

Quieter environments

For city churches, noise can be a huge problem for congregations, especially when close to a busy road. However, many churches also serve as local community centres running a range of activities that may create just as much noise from the inside, causing a nuisance to local neighbours. So how can the noise ingress and egress be prevented?
Selectaglaze secondary glazing fitted with standard glass can substantially reduce noise levels by 42 - 45dB and even higher levels if thicker glass is introduced. Church buildings tend to have large single glazed leaded windows which are thermally inefficient and often quite draughty. Areas that have regular community use will be difficult and expensive to heat. When a church building is converted to a home, improved thermal insulation will be an essential consideration for planning. Selectaglaze secondary glazing includes two efficient seals and the warmer inner pane of glass will also reduce downdraughts leading to improved comfort levels near the window. Using thermally efficient low emissivity glass in the secondary glazing, heat loss can be reduced by up to 65%. In turn, this should help save money on energy bills.


Safer environments

An unfortunate reality of our modern world is religious friction and places of worship can become vulnerable targets. There has also been an increase in church break-ins as the metal crosses, paten and chalices are thought to hold high resale value. It can be a great loss to a place of worship if these are stolen as they are part of a heritage and costly to replace.

A secondary window fitted with a lock and strengthened glass provides a simple additional barrier to entry. Selectaglaze also offers enhanced systems accredited to the Police Preferred Specification 'Secured by Design' and by the Loss Prevention Certification Board.   The Secured by Design (SBD) initiative is comprised of a group of national Police projects with the aim of improving design for new and refurbished homes as well as commercial properties, with an emphasis on security.   

Sensitive design

Church windows are generally large, many with intricate curved designs including stained glass. Selectaglaze secondary glazing is designed to have minimal visual impact on the character and design of the original building - both externally and internally. The custom made units are able to reflect the lines of the original windows, including gothic arched, curved, round and curved on plan. Secondary windows set in front of important stained glass panels can incorporate anti-reflective glass to maintain clarity.