Museums & libraries

Environmental control

Many collections require controlled temperature, humidity and light. However traditional single glazed windows are thermally inefficient, draughty and also admit ultraviolet light that can be very damaging to paintings, books and fabric. Selectaglaze secondary glazing includes two efficient draught seals and the extra layer of glass traps an insulating layer which reduces heat loss by about 50% using standard glass and nearer 65% if a thermally efficient low emissivity glass is used. This allows better control of the room environment and if the glass is laminated it will block up to 99% of damaging UV light. The systems can also include anti-reflective coatings to give the viewer the best possible experience.

Peace and quiet

Visitors to museums, archives and libraries expect peace and quiet for reading, viewing and/or research. Selectaglaze secondary glazing set 100-150mm from the primary window and fitted with standard glass can reduce noise levels by 42-45dB. This can be further reduced if thicker glass is used.

Sensitivity of design

Museums and libraries will often own buildings that are Listed or of historical interest, so any intervention needs to be sensitive and in the case of listed buildings, reversible. Selectaglaze secondary glazing is designed to create minimal visual impact on the original windows and building, both internally and externally. The custom made units are able to copy and flow with the lines of the original windows, including arched, curved, round and curved on plan. Treatments are fully reversible so if in the future requirements change. 

Enhanced security

In the UK we are fortunate to have such a vast collection of museums and libraries, culturally enriching our lives. Housing priceless artworks, fabrics, ancient manuscripts and books; many are located in architecturally significant buildings. Most of these are of traditional construction with original single glazed windows that are not able to provide adequate security or environmental protection for what is contained within. Museums, archives and libraries alike need to protect their most important assets. These could be permanent displays or highly valuable loan pieces, so high levels of security is imperative. Guidance is provided through the Arts Council England, a body that has been contracted to deliver the Government Indemnity Scheme on behalf of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. There are a range of measures but traditional windows feature high on the list as neither the frame nor the glass were designed to give much resistance to intruders.
Selectaglaze secondary glazing can provide a certified solution to meet the Indemnity Scheme using products that have been rigorously tested to the Loss Prevention Certification Board’s (LPCB) standard LPS 1175. These will match the resistance offered by heavy bars and grilles and will not draw unwanted attention to the added protection. When the indemnity scheme is not relevant an alternative product range achieving Police Preferred Specification under the Secured by Design initiative will offer valuable protection.