07 December 2017

RIBA CPD Providers Network Roadshow London 2017

Date: 7th December 2017  Venue: Liverpool St Norton, Folgate Time: 12.00 - Understanding and specifying secondary glazing The RIBA CPD Network together with RIBA Regions are hosting a full day of free CPDs. The RIBA CPD Roadshow is an opportunity open to all construction and design professionals. CPDs provide up-to-date industry knowledge with the aim of enhancing professional proficiency on a wide range of relevant topics. Providing a number for CPDs within the same venue over a full day assists industry professionals accrue CPD points.
  • Free CPDs
  • Delegates can attend up to 5 CPDs, each session is an hour
  • Lunch and refreshment provided
  • Open to Non-RIBA members - all construction and design professionals welcome to attend
All CPD seminars are presented by RIBA CPD Provider Network members CPD Providers Network - Booking