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Protecting our future: The importance of safety in schools


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There can be a lot of focus put into implementing well-rounded, strong security school strategies, but this doesn’t always account for unexpected situations. Being well prepared starts with understanding the building and its physical requirements, as well as its inhabitants and their specific needs. Whilst schools want to be open and welcoming places, staff and pupils must be able to work and learn in a safe and secure environment. There are mounting concerns over terrorist attacks, gun crime, vandalism, arson, child exploitation and other issues dominant in our society that put people in schools at risk. The protection of valuable assets or sensitive information is similarly important.  In schools, students and teachers have the right to feel safe and secure with the peace of mind that should a compromising situation arise, they have the right security measures and procedures in place to remain safe. Parents too should feel confident that when their child attends school, they will be safe thanks to the security of the building and that the school is honouring their duty of care. Schools must also keep their security pertinent to the demands of Ofsted whose inspections assess educational facilities against a security criterion. This will include observing visitors or volunteers together with adequate security arrangements for the grounds and school buildings. Part of the unease for installing high levels of security in schools is that a building can start to resemble a prison, resulting in an unattractive and confining environment. Educational establishments should be seen by students as welcoming places and the security measures installed, whilst safeguarding the inhabitants, should not alarm its occupants. School Security Grilles Whilst window grilles greatly enhance security, they are not the most attractive solution Protecting pupils and teachers does not denote surrounding a school building in unsightly window bars and grilles if it is Listed. There are security solutions that are cleverly hidden, offering better protection against crime whilst not compromising on aesthetic appearance such as security secondary glazing, which offers a second barrier to entry. Furthermore, internally secure reception screens or hatches can be formed together with secondary glazing. If you plan to use secondary glazing to improve your school’s security then it is critical to purchase a product that has been tested and certificated to a recognised security standard. You should be seeking independent third party approval to PAS 24: Secured by Design, the crime prevention initiative, or products accredited to higher levels of security through LPS 1175, to substantiate these claims.   2 Pane Horizontal sliding security secondary glazing Selectaglaze Series 85 Secondary Glazing Unit The Selectaglaze security range provides greatly enhanced levels of protection from physical attack and blast. The Series 85 unit (pictured above) has considerable inbuilt security advantages. Manual attack tests have been conducted by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) to SR1 and SR2 standards using a range of tools to attack both frame and glass over defined periods of time. Resistance against the effects of explosives have been tested to meet the ISO 16933 EXV 25 standard. This secondary glazing treatment could be used to replace security roller shutters and so security rated secondary glazing has distinct cosmetic advantages over other security solutions. Selectaglaze has previously worked with Listed and new build schools to enhance their security credentials in the past. The former Grade II Listed NAAFI building was repurposed as an independent secondary school with primary windows that were draughty, allowed noise ingress and lacked modern security fittings. Selectaglaze installed 70 units, using 4 different product types to match the existing primary window styles and sight lines, therefore making it a subtle solution. These were manufactured with specialist locking systems and key locking handles to enhance the security of the primary windows, also acting as a second barrier to entry. NAAFI Building Grade II Listed The former Grade II Listed NAAFI base Security in education is an extremely sensitive topic and one that is frequently featured in the news today. Schools must be proactive in being well-prepared for situations where there are attempts to compromise safety, and that the right measures are in place to prevent them. Although security secondary glazing is not a direct answer to these dangers, it can make a school building safer and as a retrofit solution can be installed rapidly to make it better fit for purpose.