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Jointless curves and the Tauring Ring Roller


Secondary Glazing in Practice


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Selectaglaze has been producing curved secondary glazing for over 30 years; all this time with a manually controlled Tauring Ring Roller. Whilst the original apparatus was still perfectly serviceable, it was recently upgraded with a brand new CNC controlled machine with the latest generation control software; the only one of its kind in the UK at the time of writing. Three centered arch Arch with with different radius points The advantage of the new CNC machine is clear; it will provide more consistent and accurate curving with less need for trial bends and also provide the added benefit of being able to produce curves with a radius which vary along the length. This means that complex three-centre curves can be produced in one piece and smaller roman curves can be produced with no joints at the spring points. Series 46 curved - tauring image Roman arch - No joints at spring points When aluminium profile is formed into arches, it is inevitable that there will be some shrinkage as the material stretches around the curve. This becomes an added complexity when forming the joint between the curved section and the straight. Being able to form curved sections from one piece of aluminium not only looks better but also makes the unit stronger and more reliable.