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Relentless ribbon windows and problematic partitions


Secondary Glazing in Practice


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One style of glazing found in older office buildings, is swathes of primary ribbon windows. Often, they span the length of a wall, so will present ineffective noise insulation and do little for thermal retention. They generally have lightweight frames, fairly thin glass and are coupled to the next opening with slim profile mullions. Ribbon window example 1 Selectaglaze has worked on many of these buildings and offers suitable products to achieve an unobtrusive and seamless secondary glazing treatment. Our units will provide access to the primary windows and mimic their sightlines. However, if partitioning walls are erected post design and installation, the operation and function of some of the units could be impeded. By working with the architects and/or interior designers responsible for the interior layout such complications can be designed out at an early stage. It is not only the three major benefits we want to supply the client (warmer, quieter and safer buildings), but also ensuring access to the primary and secondary units themselves in case they need future adjustments or maintenance. Designing the treatment armed with this information, will result in a fully performing secondary glazing treatment, without any new additional sightlines and create a comfortable working environment. Carefully designed secondary treatments can blend well with the primary windows.  As ribbon windows are such a dominant design element within many buildings, retrofitting solutions need to be sympathetic.  The unique design of the Selectaglaze frames achieves this objective, giving a modern stylish solution to the ribbon window design.  Ribbon window example 2