02 February 2021

RIBA Roadshow Manchester

Date: 2nd February 2021 Venue: RIBA Academy - Online Time: 10.45 - Specifying Secondary Glazing for Enhancing Thermal Performance, Window Acoustics and Security The RIBA CPD Roadshow provides the opportunity to gain new skills as well as network with fellow enthusiasts. The Roadshow is open to all construction and design professionals and will be delivered online due to COVID-19 restrictions. Providing a number for CPDs over a full day, assists industry professionals to accrue CPD points. CPDs provide up-to-date industry knowledge with the aim of enhancing professional proficiency on a wide range of relevant topics.
  • 10 seminars to choose from over the course of two days
  • Open to Non-RIBA members - all construction and design professionals welcome to attend
  • Free CPDs with RIBA points awarded
Delegates can attend up to 5 CPDs per day, each session is an hour Book event: Register your place