medieval mysteries and thermal secondary glazing

Medieval mysteries and modern home comforts


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thermal secondary glazing, refurbishment and conservation, arches shapes and curves, coloured and wood grain finishes

The Priory is an unusual Grade II Listed home belonging to the Saunders family. The house was originally built in the 17th century and radically reconfigured in the Arts and Crafts style in the early 20th century by Sir John Seymour Lucas RA. Also within its grounds is a medieval Priory, dating back to 1135. During the latter half of the 20th century, the home, medieval priory ruins and grounds fell into disrepair. This sad state of affairs was reversed and the site was lovingly restored by its current owner; a RIBA award winning builder. Outside help was also brought in to help uncover the mysteries of the 17th century Priory. Help came in the guise of Channel 4’s ‘Time Team’. The archaeologist’s made a surprising find and unearthed evidence of a much earlier house of worship. Their excavation discovered that the Grade II Listed ruins of the ‘Blessed Virgin Mary Priory’ were built on the site of a Christian church dating back to the times of the 6th-century King Anna. The age of this find makes the site of the ruined priory one of the most important Christian sites in England. Kings of East Anglia A list of 6th-century monarchs of East Anglia – supposedly descended from the god Woden Following extensive renovations, the medieval 17th-century property is again a beautiful family home. Understandably, the Saunders family were very proud of their unique property. However, they were struggling with the lack of thermal control offered by the original single pane windows. We were approached by the owner to create a treatment fit for such a special, historic building. Ruins of the Blessed Virgin Mary priory Eclectic original windows – ruined priory To meet the eclectic needs of this amazing building, 31 bespoke secondary glazing units were manufactured and installed to help raise the thermal performance of the primary windows. Great care was taken to ensure that no additional sightlines were introduced, whilst the original function was maintained. For rooms containing dark wood window frames, units were powder coated in either walnut or black matt to lower their visual impact. A walnut finished secondary glazing VS Walnut or matt black finished secondary glazing unit With our solution acceptable to both the family and Conservation Officer; the resulting treatment subtly blends into the beautiful interior. The unique and irreplaceable Priory is now warm and homely; fit for 21st Century living.