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Selectaglaze leaves its stamp on former Ship Street post office


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conversion, acoustic secondary glazing, thermal secondary glazing

From 1849 -1925, 51 Ship Street was Brighton’s main Post Office. The building was also home to the main Telegraph Office which, during the week was only closed for 7 hours, in the small hours of Sunday morning. With letters and telegraphs the only means of passing information over distances, 51 Ship Street was home to the main means of communication for Brighton to the rest of the world. Horse drawn and later motorised parcel post Parcel Post coach and coachmen c.1900 – First motorised mail coach June 1st 1905 In the few years this building has received a huge make-over and refurbishment, giving it a new lease of life. To convert a cold draughty post office to warm comfortable apartments required the team efforts of a number of retrofit specialists. Not least amongst the challenges were the thermal inadequacies of the existing windows. The original, single pane, regency style vertical sash windows offered minimal thermal integrity. With their U-values of around 4.7 coupled with poor failing seals, it was hard to maintain a comfortable interior. As part of the transformation of this Grade II Listed property, Selectaglaze was approached to design a secondary glazing treatment. View of Street from Ship Street Series 20 Vertical Sliding – Thermal secondary glazing Great care was taken to produce a low visual impact solution. 75 bespoke secondary glazing units were manufactured and installed. Series 25 vertical sliding mid-range units with their extra capacity balances were used to treat the windows which were over two metres high. Whilst the lighter Series 20 vertical sliders were suitable for the smaller 1 – 1.7m openings. With the combined skills of all the teams working on this historic building; this hub of Victorian communications has been transformed in to quiet, warm and comfortable apartments.