Selectaglaze secondary glazing was used in a unique treatment as part of a refurbishment, to create a postal delivery hatch at prestigious offices in London

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Recently, Selectaglaze was approached with a unique project, one which was not complex, but nevertheless a notable treatment highlighting another way that secondary glazing can be used. In this particular instance, the Series 20 vertical sliding unit was not supporting or enhancing the performance of a primary window but installed on its own into a reveal. Over the last few years, the client, a publisher, had expanded its business considerably and had a requirement for refurbishment works at its London Campus. They contacted Cannon Glass and Glazing to explore solutions for a window opening in a new parcel office which was being created at the premises, acting as an internal hatch for the transport of goods and parcels, in and out of the building. Cannon Glass and Glazing got in touch with Selectaglaze, based on their previous working relationship, as a secondary glazed slimline profile had been deemed more suitable than a new double-glazed primary unit. As shown in the mock-up drawings below, Canon Glass requested a slimline vertical sliding unit set back as far as possible within the reveal, in line with the back of the steel lintel, in order to create a deep countertop. Drawings of vertical unit in reveal for delivery hatch Design plans for the new sliding hatch The Series 20 vertical sliding unit, in a charcoal grey finish, was requested so that the bottom sash could slide upwards to allow the parcels to be collected or distributed easily. Current window to be replaced with a Series 20  secondary glazing unit in a postal hatch Single glazed fixed window to be replaced with Series 20 vertical sliding Unit At present there is a single glazed fixed pane in the opening, which is to be removed by Canon Glass and replaced by the Series 20 vertical sliding unit with 6mm toughened glass, to minimise the possibility of breakage during the movement of parcels. A lockable fitch catch was to be included on the unit, to enhance the security of the room when the unit was closed or outside of working hours. Cannon Glass will be installing a new aluminium pressed sill angled at 90 degrees that tucks under the secondary unit at the bottom, a requirement that was not stipulated in the initial mock-up drawings, so requested Selectaglaze to make allowances for the 2mm thickness of the sill in their calculations for the height of the unit. The sill will be fixed under the Series 20 after the secondary glazed unit has been installed. The new hatch at the publisher’s delivery office will provide a secure opening in which parcels can be delivered efficiently, thanks to the slimline profile of the Series 20, with a robust glass that will be resilient to the movement of deliveries in and out of the building.