Splayed Reveal header Odd leg solution

Splayed reveals and the odd leg


Secondary Glazing in Practice


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The Selectaglaze installation details lend itself to treating openings of all shapes not just those with a standard square reveal. Selectaglaze secondary glazing systems have an odd leg frame i.e. the room side of the frame is bigger than the cavity side. This is because it is designed to be installed into timber grounds fitted to the window reveal. It is this design which affords so much flexibility when dealing with reveals which are not square. The detail in fig 1 shows a splayed reveal and a matching splayed timber ground. This is a continuous ground fully machined and colour matched to the secondary glazing frame giving a seamless finish which avoids the need for face applied trims or large silicone joints. Splayed Reveals In Reveal Figure 1 Selectaglaze produce and finish all the timber grounds in house in their fully equipped timber shop. This ensures quality is maintained and allows different shapes to be created to suit each opening, not just a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Often splayed reveals are formed from timber panelling, getting the detailing right in these situations is vital to preserve the historic features. Whilst the installation of secondary glazing will never go unnoticed and there will always be some compromise it is important to do as much as possible to reduce the visual impact of the installation. Fig 2 shows secondary glazing installed in an opening with splayed panels where the panel style is not big enough to accept the secondary glazing and maintain the cavity for cleaning. The solution is to chamfer back the front edge of the timber ground so it exposes the beading on the style. Splayed reveals Chambered leg Figure 2