Selectaglaze secondary glazing at St Barts hospital - heritage buildings and new-build facilities

Secondary glazing the old and the new at the oldest hospital in Britain – St Barts


Project Profile


acoustic secondary glazing, new build, heritage, thermal secondary glazing

Founded in 1123 by Rahere, a courtier of King Henry I, St Barts Hospital has weathered many a testing time over its near 900-year history. During the reign of Henry VIII it became termed as the "House of the Poore in Farringdon in the suburbs of the City of London of Henry VIII's Foundation". Over the years, great strides were made in medicine and surgery, with research and studies carried out on the anatomy, the circulatory system and the principles of modern surgery. Then in 1948 when the National Health Service was created it officially became known as St Bartholomew’s Hospital. Today, it is an internationally renowned teaching hospital; a centre of excellence for both cardiac and cancer care. St Barts Hospital Courtyard in the early 19th Century St Barts courtyard in the early 19th Century St Barts, the oldest hospital in Britain, still occupies the same site since it was founded in the 12th century and a wonder it still stands; having survived the Great Fire of London and the Blitz. The estate has changed significantly over the years, with many buildings Listed and deemed of great architectural importance, as well as a myriad of new state-of-the-art facilities. St Barts Hospital today - the old and the new with Selectaglaze secondary glazing in both areas St Barts Hospital today; the old and the new Selectaglaze is no stranger to the hospital and has supported projects on site with secondary glazing over the years – one of which was a ten year plan, involving both refurbishment of existing stock, as well as the development of new build facilities.  Assisting the old heritage buildings and providing peace and quiet to the patients on wards, slimline fixed panel acoustic secondary glazing was fitted to prevent noise disturbance from neighbouring demolition and construction sites. It also stopped the ingress of dust and dirt particles circulating in the air. All this was done while the wards remained fully operational. In contrast to this element of the project, heavy duty side hung casements were installed in ten of the brand new operating theatres in King George V building. These units have flush frames and minimal ledges, so provide a high level of sterility and help maintain controlled environments – especially important in such vulnerable areas of a hospital to prevent the spread of infection. In addition, the secondary glazing was set with a cavity which allowed powered privacy and blackout blinds to be hung. These were deemed essential to contain lasers used in the theatres providing protection to staff and others near the rooms. An operating theatre with black out blinds between secondary and primary glazing at St Barts Hospital Operating theatre with blackout blinds in operation Over the years Selectaglaze has worked in numerous hospitals and healthcare facilities, providing secondary glazing for a number of reasons. These have ranged from helping upgrade thermal performance of windows in heritage and Listed areas of hospital estates, to provide acoustic insulation for patients on wards near new construction sites, to units for brand new operating theatres to ensure a clean and safe environment.