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coloured and wood grain finishes

Selectaglaze tailors its products to the needs of its clients and offers many options including; different product styles, handles, glass types, glass thicknesses and even colours. When a client requires a specific colour for the frames, the aluminium is often sent to Barley Chalu who Selectaglaze has worked with for over fifty years. It is the biggest powder paint coater in the UK and prepares the majority of the aluminium extrusions. The ethos of Barley Chalu is ‘The delivery of high quality work’ and their processing is of a very high standard; from the use of Qualicoat paint, to the way in which it pre-treats the aluminium and how it powder paints with care and attention. It adds confidence in the overall quality of the final product for the customer. Recently a customer based in London requested two Series 80 horizontal sliders; one in pink and one in yellow to match the interior décor of the rooms they were to go in. Once the RAL colours had been chosen by the client, the aluminium extrusions were sent for coating. RAL is a colour match system created and administered by the German RAL gMbH, which offers hundreds of potential options for customers including three different finishes: matt, semi-gloss and gloss. Pink and yellow RAL colours Colours of treatment Before powder coating the aluminium, Barley Chalu first pre-treats it which includes; removing all dirt and extrusion oil, removing the anodised layer by a process called etching, which takes 6/7 grams off per square meter of the aluminium. Once this is done, it is then rinsed and covered in a chemical undercoat which leaves the surfaces ready for the powder paint. This process is vital to ensure the paint bonds properly to the aluminium. The bonding is achieved by negatively charging the extrusions and positively charging the powder paint. Once applied to the aluminium, it is then baked at a high temperature. This step is monitored and controlled from start to finish; each process ensures the powder paint looks great and creates a strong and lasting finish. Powder coating aluminium Powder coating aluminium  The ability to offer a wide range of colours, including wood grain effect, gives the designer and client the option to colour match the primary window. This allows the secondary glazing to blend in seamlessly with its environment, making it an unobtrusive adaptation. However, on this particular job, the vibrant shades of pink and yellow were used to make a feature of the secondary glazing.