Unbreakable - testing of the Selectaglaze Series 45 acoustic side hung casement and the Series 50 Security LPS1175 SR2 side hung casement

Unbreakable – A live demonstration of our LPS1175: SR2 credentials


Secondary Glazing in Practice


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A small audience of security experts were present to witness a stealth attack simulation against our Series 45 and 50 side hung casement secondary glazing units. However, when the ‘attackers’ began a more overt approach, attacking and starting to break the glass with a hammer, people were drawn from the farthest reaches of the Expo. Separated from the audience by protective fencing; the demonstrator, a professional attack specialist from the BRE, who was clad in full testing PPE, would soon prove to be a very determined, faux criminal. The BRE's LPCB Live test demo arena at International Security Expo 2019, with the introduction to the security testing to Selectaglaze's side hung casements BRE accreditation team put our products to the test in front of a live audience We had partnered with BRE to produce test specimens for their LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) attack testing zone at the International Security Expo 2019. Our products were scheduled into the live testing zone program for both days of the event, where they would undergo a 30-minute combined PAS:24 and LPS1175 SR2 test. To meet the demands of a live test demonstration, a heavy duty testing rig was designed and manufactured in-house. Two opposing sides had the Series 45 standard, non-security, acoustic side hung casement installed and the other two had the Series 50 side hung casements which are LPS1175 SR2 accredited. The design of the test rig by Selectaglaze engineering team, to ensure integrity and stability to withstand the testing at the International Security Expo 2019 Our test rig preparations for LPCB Live testing zone at ISE - 2019 Proceedings began with a stealth attack using designated tools for manipulation; a knife, hammer and paint scrapers. The attack tester moved between the Series 45 and 50 units to show the difference in performance between a standard and security unit. Both units withstood everything the stealth attack had to throw at them and as yet the vast majority of attendees at Olympia were unaware of the simulated criminal activities unfolding in the LPCB zone. The LPCB security tester takes to the Selectaglaze secondary glazing with a paint scraper and hammer to try and penetrate the glass in a simulated attack test Attracting attention – drawing the crowds – knife and hammer attack on Series 50 However, all this was about to change with a higher level of test to come. The tester flexed his muscles and equipped with the SR2 designated tools; knife, paint scrapers, timber wedges, screwdrivers and claw hammer; he let loose with no obligation to be quiet! This test saw not only an assault on the glass but manipulation of the frames and glazing beads. The Series 45 frame proved remarkably resilient to being prised apart by a screwdriver and hammer. It even put up a valiant resistance to full-on hammer blows to its glazing. However, with a great deal of noise and force, the unit was penetrated. However, try as he may, and he really did go for it, he could not get through the Series 50 The LPS1175 SR2 rated Series 50 side hung casement by Selectaglaze withstands blows from a sledgehammer, showing the level of protection secondary glazing can provide vulnerable Listed buildings Really bringing in the big guns – even a sledgehammer won’t penetrate – Series 50 On the second day, the clawhammer was substituted for a sledgehammer, which drew in the crowds due to the din! Nevertheless, the Series 50 side hung casement still thwarted his attempt at entry, providing a perfect live demonstration of its SR2 credentials. Overall, the testing showed how even a basic secondary glazed unit can provide a good barrier to entry for a stealth attack; which would certainly make a burglar think twice about persisting to gain entry to a building. And for those buildings designated vulnerable and at risk, that there are solutions such as LPS1175 rated security secondary glazed units, which can prove to be impenetrable.