Tate Liverpool

Heritage windows and contemporary art

Tate Liverpool

The Tate Liverpool opened in 1988 and is the home of the national collection of modern and contemporary art in the North of England. The gallery is housed within a five storey Grade I Listed warehouse. Tate Liverpool's commitment to sustainability has recently seen improvements to the gallery's conferencing areas on the fourth floor and the fourth floor galleries which host special exhibitions and displays. The brief ensured that the gallery's environmental conditions were optimised to protect the works of art on display. The large traditional single glazed windows overlooking the docks capture light throughout the day but also need to provide the required environmental conditions for the display for art works. The solution was a pair of hinged arched casements, with flush hinges, white gaskets and concealed locking. Tate Liverpool requested special protection against damaging UV light, which was achieved with 6.8mm clear laminated glass together with an additional specialist UV film. Multipoint locking and high compression seals ensure tight seals and so help maintain temperature and humidity within the gallery.
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