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Bespoke design, manufacture and installation

As an original designer of secondary glazing, we are able to provide a full range of services from technical guidance and survey through to manufacture and final installation.

Free technical advisory service

We have amassed a wealth of practical experience and the Technical Team provide guidance on design options, performance specifications and the many practical issues that must be considered to ensure a successful installation.

Estimating service option 1: based on a technical site visit

This is a preferred approach for many projects, particularly those with complex windows or those involving other trades with interfaces to the windows.
Performance requirements are discussed, and full details taken of all specified windows. Design options, enabling works and access requirements are included in a detailed estimate.
The technical advisor is then available to discuss the proposals and deal with any queries.

Estimating service option 2: based on project documentation

A technical advisor will review the specifications, drawings and schedules and discuss the project with the client or technical team before preparing a detailed estimate.
A subsequent site visit is recommended to allow a more detailed view of enabling works, adjacent trades, and access arrangements. The technical advisor will manage this.

Estimating service option 3: based on photographs and dimensions

Particularly popular with homeowners, this option is available to those who prefer to arrange a cost estimate before a site visit. This can be prepared from photographs and window dimensions. Further guidance on what the technical advisor would require can be found here.
Once all the information has been supplied, an indicative costing will be prepared and emailed to you.

Design and specification collaboration

Sometimes the application of secondary glazing falls well outside the ‘norm’ and may require Selectaglaze to design a bespoke or specialist fixing solution specific to the project. By collaborating at an early stage on specification and design, potential issues can be identified and addressed before reaching a point that could jeopardise the integrity of the treatment or programme of works.

Listed building consent for secondary glazing

Selectaglaze can carry out this work as a paid service. All windows are surveyed, and appropriate drawings prepared to allow submission. Details are available on our Heritage and Listed Buildings page.


All windows are manufactured at our St Albans factory.
Any special sub-frames are machined, and spray finished.
For projects including installation a detailed production survey, including all necessary timber sub-framing, is completed for each window by our Project Surveyors.


We employ our own, experienced Installation Teams to ensure that windows are carefully fitted and are functioning correctly. We continuously receive outstanding customer feedback on professionalism of our installers and impeccable quality of the end result.

Aftercare and guarantee

Installations are supported by a 10-year guarantee apart from spring balances which have 5 years. Maintenance, detailed in the Operation and Maintenance manuals, is generally straightforward but we can carry out inspection and service work upon request.

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