Heritage and Listed Buildings

Today's performance for yesterday's buildings

Selectaglaze is particularly passionate about the importance of retaining the finest examples of our architectural heritage through the listing process. But preserving a past does require sensitive interventions that enable the buildings to meet the changing needs of owners and ensure a sustainable future.

How does secondary glazing help windows in heritage and Listed buildings?

Windows generally have thermally inefficient single glazing and draughty, ill-fitting frames that provide little security and poor acoustic performance. With the thoughtful retrofitting of discreet secondary glazing, all these performance elements can be improved.

Can secondary glazing be used in Listed and historic buildings?

The various national heritage bodies have responsibility for managing the historic environment, so will advise local planning authorities and government departments on development proposals that can significantly affect Listed buildings or conservation areas.
In most cases secondary glazing is fully accepted by Conservation Officers as a reversible adaptation i.e it can be removed, if required, at a later date with almost no impact on the original fabric of the building apart from repair of fixing holes and some redecoration. When designed carefully the original windows remain unaltered and aesthetically uncompromised.
It is often asked if secondary glazing will help with condensation and various other questions. Visit the FAQ page to find out more

Do I need Listed Building Consent for secondary glazing?

Listed Building Consent is required for any alterations that would affect an area of historic significance and it is a criminal offence to carry out these works without consent. If you wish to carry out any work on a Listed building you will require Listed Building Consent through your local authority. If the building is in a conservation area, then advice should be obtained from a Conservation Officer at your local planning authority. For further details please check the planning portal

Listed Building Consent Assistance

Selectaglaze has a wealth of experience in providing secondary glazing for Listed buildings and helps by offering:
  • The widest available selection of frame styles allowing sympathetic designs to be developed for windows of all shapes and sizes
  • Bespoke joinery sub frames where required to provide discreet interfaces with surrounding structure
  • Frames that can be finished in almost any colour to closely match the existing decor
Selectaglaze can assist with preparation of a consent application for a fee. All windows are surveyed, and drawings prepared to accompany the application but no guarantee can be given on consent. Download details of service offered
Heritage building with thermal window upgrades with secondary glazing
Listed ornate leaded light museum window with thermal secondary glazing
Grade Ii Listed mill with thermal window upgrades
Wooden panelled room in a Listed building with secondary glazing in the windows
Heritage property in a conservation area with window upgrades for noise insulation
Acoustic secondary glazing to leaded lights in a conservation area

3rd party sites of interest

Use of secondary glazing in Listed buildings

Historic England Historic Environment Scotland

Planning and Consent

Historic England Conservation of historic buildings and monuments (DCMS) Government Act

Conservation bodies

CADW Historic Environment - Department for communities (Northern Ireland) The Georgian society The Victorian society Society for the protection of ancient buildings (SPAB) Historic England Historic Environment Scotland

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