Arched and Shaped Windows

The original window design detailing can be preserved whilst still enhancing performance with curved and shaped secondary glazing designed to sympathetically follow the lines of the outer window.
  • Window openings are digitally mapped with lasers to create best fit curve.
  • CNC bending and skilled craftsman ensure faithful representation.
  • Scribed timber grounds and careful installation ensure best fit.
Design options can be many and varied and if your window design is not shown, we are happy to discuss other bespoke solutions. Please get in touch, preferably with a photograph or drawing. GET IN TOUCH

One Centred Curves

One centred curves are defined by a radius with a single centre. The  3 main types are full radius head, segmented and round.
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one centred curve - full radius head

Two centred curves

The two centred arch is defined by radii from two centres forming a point at the top.
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two centred curve - gothic arched secondary glazing

Three centred curves

The three centred arch is defined by radii from three centres, typically a major and minor radius forming a pseudo elliptical head or reflected to form a full pseudo ellipse.
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three centred curve - pseudo elliptical head secondary glazing

Curved on plan

Windows which follow a curved façade or bay.
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curved on plan secondary glazing

Rakes and shapes

Windows with irregular frame angles and three or more sides.
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raked secondary glazing


Some treatments are just not possible with a single unit, maybe the opening is large, maybe functionality is needed which requires the opening to be treated with more than one product style. That is where combinations come in. Multiple secondary glazing units can be combined seamlessly in a single opening using specially designed coupling mullions and transoms to provide the perfect treatment. Below are just a few examples but if your window design is not shown, we are happy to discuss other bespoke solutions. Please get in touch, preferably with a photograph or drawing.   Contact Us

Combination secondary glazing configurations for arched and shaped windows Combined secondary glazing arched and standard units at Abbey School reading

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