Create a better learning environment

From classrooms to labs, lecture theatres to libraries, we believe every educational establishment should be warm, comfortable – and above all, conducive to learning.

We are proud to have helped create a better learning environment for schools, colleges and universities across the UK through our carefully designed secondary glazing solutions.

Better insulation, greater comfort

Draughty classrooms with cold spots caused by single glazed windows can cause discomfort and distract students from learning. Secondary glazing will reduce these draughts and create a more even temperature across the room to improve comfort (and concentration) levels.

Better energy efficiency, lower heating costs

From a financial point of view, anything that lowers heating bills is welcome – and the cost of secondary glazing installation can certainly be offset in part by energy savings. This will also help reduce your carbon footprint, which is better for the environment too.
Prendergast Vale School - library
Prendergast Vale School - classroom interior

Better soundproofing, more concentration

Schools can be loud places – and the outside world can be too. A combination of outside noise pollution and general commotion from adjoining classrooms can make it hard for teachers to be heard – and for students to concentrate. Again, secondary glazing can help improve the learning environment through efficient acoustic insulation, helping to meet DfE-approved standards of ambient noise levels.

Better security, greater peace of mind

Safety is paramount in every educational establishment. For many clients, fire safety glass is the preferred choice for education buildings, as it can withstand extremely high temperatures and maintain its integrity even in the most severe circumstance. Meanwhile, we can ensure high levels of protection against theft and vandalism – as well as bespoke solutions for use in secure laboratories and server rooms.
Birmingham University arched windows

Nobody understands secondary glazing better

Our technical advisors will help you design a solution that meets your performance requirements and blends in sympathetically with the existing fenestration and interior aesthetic. In terms of timing, if you’re planning large refurbishment projects, of course it makes sense to wait for the longer holidays, like summer. However, we can be flexible in terms of timings. Our experienced surveyors will gauge the scope of work with meticulous attention to detail, meaning installation is quick and easy, with minimal disruption. So we can work around your needs – before or after school, at weekends or half term. We are unique in fitting products with a fast installation turnaround.

What our customers say...

“It was a challenging project to make this building suitable for its new College use, including providing both some thermal benefits and soundproofing to some degree to traffic. The solution was secondary glazing. Selectaglaze worked ‘invisibly’ in achieving this. They appeared, measured, then returned to install, completing their work successfully and imperceptibly within the project schedule.”
Fraser Wigley - Imperial College London Estates Team
“Selectaglaze helped us manage the whole process from beginning to end and we are delighted with the end result. Buildings with Grade II Listing need to be treated with care and respect and Selectaglaze proved to be the perfect company to work with in this respect.”
Harris Manchester College - University of Oxford
“A colour matched oak print with raised wood grain has been applied to the visible parts of the aluminium frame achieving an exact match to the existing oak surround. The windows contain modern thermally efficient low emissivity glass that retains heat and the frames have been measured and manufactured to achieve an airtight fitting. The building is heated by a combination of gas central heating and electric heaters. The estimated savings from installing secondary glazing in the Town Hall is at least 12% of the combined heating.They also provide excellent sound proofing, blocking the noise of the regular traffic passing the building in its town centre location.”
Councillor Robert Mitchell - Deputy Cabinet Member for Environment and Place
“The service and the product range offered by Selectaglaze are of a high quality. The secondary glazing frames are visible from inside, but they are of slender cross-sections and they are white powder coated which blends appropriately with the window frame and window linings. The frames do not obscure any of the glazed area of the windows so there is no impact on the amount of light entering the room or the view out of the room. I was particularly impressed by the depth of knowledge and professionalism of the surveyors and fitters who I met and discussed the project with. I don’t doubt that the secondary glazing will be in place for decades to come.”
Peter Bell - LPOC Conservation Advisor
“The windows look great, I bet you never thought you would hear me say that!”
Carden & Godfrey Architects

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