The learning environment is critical for a good education
Ensuring that spaces such as classrooms, lecture halls, libraries and performance studios provide good acoustics and acceptable comfort levels is important. There are also security issues to consider in laboratories, computer rooms and reception areas. All of these factors can benefit from carefully designed secondary glazing.
Selectaglaze vertical sliding secondary glazing in Abbey Square School, Chester
Abbey Square School, Chester
Arched head secondary glazing installed at Birmingham University Lecture Theatre by Selectaglaze
Birmingham University Lecture Theatre

Quieter learning environments with secondary glazing

High noise levels in learning environments affect concentration and communication and therefore the ability to learn. Secondary glazing provides very efficient acoustic insulation and will help meet the ambient noise levels in teaching spaces as regulated through the Department for Education Acoustic Design of Schools: Performance standards (BB93 February 2015), which applies to new builds and refurbishments alike. 

Upper limits for IANL (indoor ambient noise level) during normal teaching hours

Room type Upper limit for IANL (dB)
Nursery school rooms, primary classrooms, secondary classrooms 35 dB
Open-plan teaching areas 40 dB
Primary music classroom 35 dB
Secondary music classroom 35 dB
Lecture room 35 dB
Classroom designed specifically for use by hearing-impaired students 30 dB

Secondary glazing helping reduce carbon footprints of educational estates

Draughts and cold spots from convection currents near to large or single glazed windows create discomfort which can distract from learning.      Secondary glazing will reduce these draughts and create a more even temperature across the room to improve comfort levels. In turn this will lower energy costs and reduce carbon footprints of educational estates. 

Security in education

Educational buildings are often targets of theft, vandalism and sometimes arson. There are also areas of educational estates which require high levels of protection due to equipment or materials being used, such as in secure laboratories and server rooms. Security secondary glazing can be installed to protect against a number of threats, including units which meet Government standards for windows and viewing screens in laboratories working with pathogens.

Installation without disruption

Secondary windows are purpose made and arrive fully factory glazed. Installation can be completed quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption but where work could impact on staff or students it can be programmed to coincide with holiday periods.

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