Kellie Jeggo

Technical Advisor

Kellie has worked in the window industry for over 16 years and moved into the specialist secondary glazing sector when she started at Selectaglaze. Over the years, she has worked in a number of departments within the company including, marketing and trade. The knowledge and experience gained in the different departments has enabled her to become a Technical Sales Advisor, which is her current position in the company.  
Kellie Jeggo, Technical Advisor, Selectaglaze

    Did you know... a bit about me

    What are your responsibilities at Selectaglaze?

    To help specify requirements for projects and clients to ensure they have a suitable solution that meets their individual needs. To work as part of our sales team to meet objectives

    When did you join Selectaglaze?


    What are your most stand out projects?

    I have worked on some very interesting projects. However, it would be hard for me to pick a standout project as there are always new and interesting project designs required

    Who do you deal with the most?

    As a Technical Advisor I work with a range of different clients, for example, I have worked with Pinnacle Sound to help reduce noise infiltration into residential and commercial properties

    My favourite place in the world is...

    Sitting on a beach listening to the waves crashing and enjoying the quality time with my family

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