Continuous Professional Development

Understanding and specifying secondary glazing

 Seminar details:  To provide specifiers with a clear understanding of the benefits of secondary glazing and the importance of early stage design.
  • Noise control
  • Thermal insulation
  • Window security
  • Applications including Listed Buildings
  • Control of unwanted noise
  • Thermal upgrade and impact of Part L
  • Security against intruder and blast - Secured by Design
  • Design approach
  • Standards and regulations
  • Specification process
Also Available:
  • CPD seminar notes
  • Guidance notes
  • Acoustic guide
  • Thermal performance
  • Security guide
  • Product guide
  • Hand held samples
 Duration: 45 minutes plus questions Grade 2 Listed Property Peterborough, Draught proof secondary glazing, RIBA approved CPD for architects

Window protection through secondary glazing systems

This seminar will cover the following topics:
  • Introduction to secondary glazing for security benefits
  • Levels of security which can be achieved and applicable standards
  • Suitable products for use and their performance capabilities
  • Types of security: intruder resistance, blast mitigation and ballistic attack
Duration: 45 minutes plus questions

Factory tour and seminar CPD

Seminar details:  This factory tour and CPD aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the benefits, design and manufacture of bespoke secondary glazing.  The CPD will put the manufacturing process into context, with the final part of the tour ending in the showroom to look at the final products in situ. It should also give more confidence in specifying secondary glazing, after seeing the quality processes in the manufacturing stages to ensure that the end product meets the required performance levels, whilst integrating sympathetically with all the other building elements.
  • An overview of the manufacturing process of bespoke secondary glazing systems
  • An introduction to the different types of products ranging from slimline, to mid-weight to heavy-duty security, in the showroom
  • The RIBA CPD presentation “Understanding and specifying Secondary Glazing”  will then put the manufacturing process into context showing the benefits of the final product.
RIBA CPD Providers
RIBA approved factory tour, St Albans manufacturing, Selectaglaze secondary glazing Also Available:
  • CPD seminar notes
  • Guidance notes
  • Acoustic guide
  • Thermal performance
  • Security guide
  • Product guide
  • Hand held samples
Duration: 3 hours  CPD Contact Details: Selectaglaze Marketing Department T +44 (0)1727 837271; F +44 (0)1727 844053; or contact us at Visit Riba

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