Quality policy

ISO 9001:2008

What the customer expects, when they expect it. Our objective: Providing products and services which are in line with our customers’ expectations and our business goals; andTo be the leading provider of Secondary Glazing Systems within the UK by ensuring that the Company has the skills and the motivation to identify and consistently satisfy the needs of its customers” We are committed to comply and work in line with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and to continually monitor and improve the effectiveness of our (QMS) Quality Management System.

Quality objectives

To comply with our Quality Policy; The Quality Management System will provide a framework to set and review the following quality objectives:
  • We will ensure that we fully understand the customer requirements
  • We will ensure that the customer understands fully what we are supplying or are able to supply
  • We will ensure that we communicate with the client at all stages of processing especially if requirements change
  • We will commit to working to an agreed programme and its revisions
  • We will provide product to the agreed product specification
  • We will provide product which is in accordance with current legislation
  • We will design/develop our products to meet changing customer needs and expectations
Keith Mercer B.Sc
Managing Director

Health and safety policy

It is the Company's policy to ensure the Health and Safety of employees and all those likely to be affected by the Company's activities. As a priority it ranks equally with production and profit. Resources both financial and time will be allocated accordingly. The Company undertake to:
  • Consult with employees on Health and Safety
  • Ensure staff have access to adequate welfare facilities (such as toilets and washing / rest areas)
  • Provide and maintain safe plant and equipment
  • Ensure that employees are competent to do their job through provision of adequate information, instruction and training
  • Prevent accidents and work related illness
  • Control any Health and Safety risks
Keith Mercer B.Sc
Managing Director

Environmental policy

Secondary glazing is specified in buildings for a number of benefits including noise reduction, thermal insulation, additional security and maintaining a clean environment. The thermal performance of a window is improved regardless of the reason for specification and treated openings can expect a reduced heat-loss to the order of 50% for standard glass or 65% for low e glass.
Selectaglaze is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its activities, ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and encouraging continuous improvement in performance. It achieves this by:
  • Minimising production waste using lean processing techniques
  • Sourcing materials with minimum environmental impact
  • All timber components in products are FSC certified
  • Actively promoting waste management and recycling
  • Encouraging the use of vehicles with low emissions and maintaining regular service cycles
  • Adopting strategies to reduce the environmental impact of business travel through use of local suppliers
  • Monitoring energy usage and seeking ways to reduce this
  • Investing in the insulation of its own building
  • Review and monitor progress and encourage environmental awareness through an environmental group
  • Providing information, instructions and training to its employees on environmental issues
Keith Mercer B.Sc
Managing Director