24 January 2019

Aude The Big Conversation

Date: 24th January 2019 Location: McEwan Hall, The University of Edinburgh Hosted in the magnificent McEwan Hall, the event will involve a conversation about Higher Education (HE) estates. Attendees will be able to debate on current topics concerning maintaining and improving university facilities. There will be two main themes for this year’s Big Conversation:
  • ‘The state of the university estate’ this is as good as its going to get
  • Money, Money, Money – Higher education finance, do we have control?
Attendees from UK university estates are invited to participate in discussions and pose questions for individual speakers. Great care has been taken to ensure the speakers taking part in this conversation represent a wide range of views; hence sparking debates on important current issues. Through the sharing of knowledge and through debate, The Big Conversation is designed to support the sector in its aim of creating the best learning environment for the next generation of students. Information for booking: The AUDE Big Conversation 2018