Say hello to our future installers

We never forget where we came from and who helped us get here. That’s why we’re proud to nurture talent like Conor and Callum – with more apprentices and trainees to come in 2022. One day, they could be working with you. Every team member helps us grow as a business with their own new ideas and perspectives. So rather than us talking about how good we are, here are trainee installers, Conor Shambrook and Callum Wilson-Mcloughlin, to give us their views..

Tell us a bit about yourselves.

Conor: I’m easy to get on with and keen to experience and learn new things. I like to keep active and I play football. I’m a Tottenham fan. Callum: Tottenham? No way! Arsenal. I like to tell it like it is and I enjoy gym sessions. A tour around Asia is on my wishlist.

Why Selectaglaze?

Conor: I had general business experience, but wanted to start specialising in something. When I did my research, Selectaglaze came out on top of places to work. Callum: I’d done some carpentry before and wanted to find something that I could make a career out of. Selectaglaze is family-run, they take pride in their work, they’ve got a Royal Warrant… Way better than the rest.

What’s the best part of your job?

Conor: The end result – when you finish the job, you can look back, you take genuine pride in what you’ve done. Callum: Every day is a new challenge, which is great. The guys I’m working with have a great knowledge, we have a laugh and everyone is friendly.

And the most challenging part?

Conor: Taking in all the details of every type of the window – I work with super experts and they give me all the details. One day one small window, next day fire resistant, next day 180kg+ security windows for an embassy. Callum: Definitely. You need to know every single product, how to deal with little issues and unusual briefs. You’ve got to understand different types of timbers, too – not every opening is the same. 

What’s your typical week like?

Conor: No two days are the same. You’re always going to interesting places – like the Cabinet Office, and there’s a history or other quirk behind them. Callum: You have to be willing to learn constantly, have to be patient, there are loads of details to learn.

Lastly, where do you see yourself in the future?

Conor: I want to be as good as, if not better than, the people I’m learning from. Callum: Hopefully I can work my way up to become the Main Installer, and be an asset to the company



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