Jesus Church Lake District

Raising the sustainability of an Elizabethan Church in the Lake District

Client: Jesus Church

Jesus Church in Troutbeck, a rural village in the Lake District, had Selectaglaze secondary glazing installed by partner Fenestral, to raise the thermal efficiency of its thirteen lancet shaped stained glass windows (approximately 2m x 0.5 m) in the north and south walls. The heating of the church is run on an antiquated oil-fired system which takes several hours to warm up the church. Once heated, a great deal of the energy was lost through the original windows.  Jesus Church’s Treasurer, Mr Bradbury contacted Fenestral, to discuss the process of exploring the treatment of the thirteen side windows, so a site visit was arranged to assess the openings. Series 41 side hung casements were installed to provide full access for cleaning and maintenance. By fitting the units nearer to the face of the reveal, the primary windows are beautifully framed and the 13, Series 41 side hung casements have clearance to open. The church is now more thermally efficient with the addition of secondary glazing, with less heat escaping and the draughts eliminated.