Saint Michael's Cherubim and Seraphim Church Plumstead

Plumstead Church congregation rejoices thanks to triumphant secondary glazing

Client:    St Michael's Church St. Michael’s is a renowned Cherubim and Seraphim Church in Plumstead, London. The church has services throughout the week and is also a centre for children in the community, which they use especially during the school holidays. Situated in a densely packed residential area, a solution was required for noise insulation. The church got in touch with Selectaglaze, to resolve the issue of noise egress via the arched windows. The primary windows are double glazed PVCu units, but did little to diminish noise egress and thermally insulate both floors of the church. Selectaglaze treated a total of 28 arch headed windows utilising their Series 20 vertical sliding units and Series 46 fixed light system. The series 46 fixed light lends itself well to shaping and curving, so these were formed to create the top portion of the windows and then transom coupled to the Series 20, which created access to the primary window for ventilation and maintenance. All units were produced with 6.8mm acoustic laminated glass and were finished in a wood-grain colour to match the primary windows.