Tunbridge Wells Hospital

Secondary glazing for new state-of-the-art high dependency neo-natal unit

Client:      Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

Commissioned by The Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust, the £226 million, 513 single bedroomed New Tunbridge Wells Hospital built in Pembury, Kent was designed to address key issues, including patient privacy, dignity and infection control. It also features a dedicated Women and Children’s unit, into which a Level 2 Neo-Natal Unit has been provided.

The imposing full height primary windows have been supplemented with an additional secondary window for a number of reasons, including control over the internal environment and provide a protective space for the blinds. Most windows have been treated with the Series 40 range of hinged and fixed panels. These have a chamfer bead to avoid dust ledges and the hinged unit has purpose designed flush hinges and a flush lock with a minimal escutcheon plate to ensure the cleanest surface. The units are glazed with 8.8mm laminated glass to meet safety levels and electrically controlled blinds ensure that privacy can be introduced without breaching the environment. Since completion of this project, the Series 40 range has been upgraded to Series 41.