Birmingham Town Hall

Selectaglaze scale monumental heights!

Birmingham City Council

At the noisy heart of bustling Birmingham is the city's Town Hall, an impressive example of Roman Revival civic architecture. Designed by Joseph Hansom, this Grade I Listed building is based on the Roman Temple of Castor and Pollux. With a refurbishment budget of £34m, the 1830s iconic masterpiece has become the performance centre of the city. Working with their tried and tested Series 50 side hung casement, Selectaglaze produced a unit which, at 4.5m high, was substantially taller than any previous construction. And at 1.8m wide, the complete casement weighed in at over 200kg. Having met this first challenge, the next was how to fit the largest casement ever made, 8m up from floor level to sill! Working closely with Wates Construction, an ingenious combination of rollers, vacuum lifting gear and purpose designed scaffolding was identified as being the most practical way of positioning the windows so that they could be presented to the specially reinforced openings.
Birmingham Town Hall 2 large series 50 hinged casement secondary glazed windows for noise containment
External view of Birmingham Town Hall
Monumental side hun casements at Grade 1 Listed Birmingham Town Hall for noise and thermal insulation
Selectaglaze hinged casement 4.5m high and 1.8m wide, the complete casement weighed in at over 200kg
Close up of Selectaglaze secondary glazing

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