Designed for purpose

Selectaglaze secondary glazing designs are used extensively within schools, colleges and universities in locations including:
  • Classrooms
  • Lecture halls
  • Libraries
  • Student accommodation
  • Performance studios
  • Control windows
  • Secure reception windows
  • Clean room environments
  • Secure laboratories
Classrooms with traditional single glazed windows can be uncomfortable in winter months. Better insulation will:
  • Improve comfort and therefore concentration levels
  • Minimise draughts
  • Lower energy costs
  • Reduce carbon footprint
Selectaglaze secondary glazing includes two efficient draught seals and with a low emissivity glass, heat loss can be reduced by up to 65%.
Low ambient noise levels in classrooms will:
  • Limit distractions
  • Improve concentration
  • Reduce voice strain
Selectaglaze secondary glazing fitted with standard glass can substantially reduce noise levels by 42 - 45dB and even higher levels if thicker glass is introduced. The upper limit for ambient noise levels in teaching spaces is regulated through the Department for Education Acoustic Design of Schools: Performance Standards (BB93 February 2015) and varies between 30 – 45dB depending on whether the school is a refurbishment or new build and the type of activities carried out in the room.

Upper limits for IANL (indoor ambient noise level) during normal teaching hours: 

Room type Upper limit for IANL (dB)
Nursery school rooms, primary classrooms, secondary classrooms 35 dB
Open-plan teaching areas 40 dB
Primary music classroom 35 dB
Secondary music classroom 35 dB
Lecture room 35 dB
Classroom designed specifically for use by hearing-impaired students 30 dB
Well specified secondary glazing will improve thermal performance, provide significant acoustic insulation and enhance security all through one product. Sensitive design ensures that it closely reflects the lines of the original windows including those that are curved. As a reversible adaptation it is also acceptable, in almost all cases, for use in Listed buildings.
Educational buildings are often targets of theft, vandalism and sometimes arson. Secure secondary glazing can:
  • Protect valuable equipment
  • Safeguard staff in reception areas
  • Provide enhanced protection for secure laboratories
Selectaglaze offers products accredited to 'Secured by Design' and are a Police Preferred Specification. High level security products are available to meet Government standards for windows and viewing screens in laboratories. These are tested to Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) standards and appear in the Red Book. Security concerns are now a reality in modern education, safety and duty of care for the students and the protection of valuable assets or sensitive information.

Installed with care

Secondary windows are purpose made and arrive fully factory glazed. Installation can be completed quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption but where work could impact on staff or students it can be programmed to coincide with holiday periods. From primary schools through to universities; we all learn better in a quiet and comfortable environment - concentration is improved and communication is easier. Many schools and colleges occupy traditional buildings in noisy locations, with original single glazed windows, which can have an adverse impact on the learning environment.