Comfortable working environment

Well-designed secondary glazing systems offer a cost effective method of almost eliminating draughts, retaining more heat and keeping the unwanted sounds of the city out. This will lead to a more comfortable work space and a helpful reduction in energy bills.  Secondary glazing traps an insulating layer of air between the glass panes and if low emissivity glass is incorporated, heat loss can be reduced by up to 65%. This will help improve the energy performance of the building contributing towards a higher rated Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) or an improved BREEAM rating. These measures make a building more attractive for both sale or lease and assist with the wider commitment to carbon reduction. MEES (Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards) apply to the majority of private landlords. These standards require private and leased properties to hold a valid EPC certificate of Grade E or higher; or a valid exemption certificate for a new tenancy. What constitutes grounds for exemption is still under consultation.
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Office Charter House treatment Listed properties are not covered by the scheme as they are not required to hold an EPC. However, many owners of Listed properties wish to improve their properties energy performance irrespective of legislation.

Quieter working

Many offices are located close to transport links and in busy town centres where outside noise levels are high, which can distract attention and make people less efficient at work. The recommended ambient noise level in a meeting room is 35-40dB and a cell office 40-50dB, whereas outside street noise levels can be 70-80dB. 
Laboratory tests demonstrate that Selectaglaze secondary glazing set 100-150mm from the primary window and fitted with standard glass can substantially reduce noise levels by 42-45dB and even higher levels if a heavier glass is chosen. A good work environment provides a sense of wellbeing and encourages efficiency, an important consideration when it is estimated that we spend more than 10 years of our lives in the work place.  Factors that contribute towards the environment include a comfortable temperature and acceptable noise levels. Newly constructed offices can be purpose designed to provide the very best conditions but large numbers of offices are still found within older buildings, often in city centres or around transport hubs. These were constructed with less thermally efficient materials and in times when noise was not quite such an issue. The windows in particular do not retain heat well, are often draughty and usually acoustically inefficient.

Enhanced security

Offices are an easy target for theft, particularly of computers, and the disruption and potential loss of information could adversely affect the business. Ground floor windows and those accessible from flat roofs are particularly vulnerable. A secure secondary window can easily be fitted to affected windows and even lightweight frames fitted with a simple lock and strengthened glass will provide an additional barrier to entry. Selectaglaze also offers enhanced systems accredited to Secured by Design that are Police Preferred Specifications. These windows undergo rigorous testing and the most secure range, certified to the “Loss Prevention Standard” LPS 1175, will match the resistance offered by heavy bars or grilles and avoid the office feeling like a fortress.

Importance of design

With our vast range of secondary glazing, we can meet the very varied design needs of windows from the ornate found in traditional Listed Buildings to the more simple designs of contemporary buildings. Secondary windows are often fitted in conjunction with blinds which can be set between the windows with remote controls. This arrangement protects the blinds and can provide clean, fresh lines to the office.

Minimising disruption

Selectaglaze secondary glazing is fully fabricated in our factory and delivered to site by our own installation teams. When the office is fully functioning we will liaise and work closely with the office or facilities manager to minimise disruption. Works can be planned for vacant rooms or low occupation areas during normal hours, whilst busy areas can be dealt with outside normal working hours. When an office is being fully refurbished we can work closely with the professional creative team to establish specifications, discuss interfaces with other trades and identify any preparatory works. Many schemes will include wall insulation and the secondary glazing can fit within this to become an integral part of the overall design. Selectaglaze is a member of the Federation of Interior Specialists (FIS)