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The sound alternative to window replacement

In all these cases secondary glazing can be a sound alternative to window replacement. It keeps the warmth in, dramatically reduces sound levels, retains the character of the original windows and, as a reversible adaptation, is acceptable to both Heritage bodies and Conservation Officers.  Selectaglaze secondary glazing systems incorporate efficient seals to almost eliminate draughts and when glazed with low emissivity glass will reduce heat loss by up to 65%. This lowers running costs, improves comfort levels throughout the room and assists with carbon reduction objectives. Replacement is generally a first option but this may not be practical in leasehold flats and mansion blocks, frowned upon in conservation areas, impossible for Listed buildings and unsatisfactory if your home suffers excessive noise; all too common in our crowded, 24 hour society.


Bespoke and well fitted secondary glazing offers the most effective noise insulation and will significantly outperform normal double glazed windows. The additional secondary window frame is generally fitted 100-150mm away from the primary window and the wide air space works to limit noise transmission across the panes. 
Laboratory tests demonstrate that Selectaglaze's systems fitted in this way are capable of reducing noise levels by 42-45dB and even higher levels if a heavier glass is chosen. As a home owning nation we all want to make the most of our properties by improving the look and performance wherever we can. Windows can be the soul of a building and often the reason why we were first attracted to them, especially on more traditional properties with their very individual and sometimes ornate styling. Whist they may look good, these windows do not perform to our modern expectations and usually need a makeover to retain their kerb-appeal.


Windows are normally seen as "soft targets" for intruders and a secondary window, particularly when fitted with a simple lock and strengthened glass, provides an additional barrier to entry. Selectaglaze also offers enhanced systems accredited to Secured by Design and are a Police Preferred Specification. These windows undergo rigorous testing and the most secure range, certified to the Loss Prevention Standard LPS 1175, will match the resistance offered by heavy bars or grilles and avoid the home feeling like a fortress.

Our offer to you

The Selectaglaze range of products is the most comprehensive available and is able to provide a sympathetic treatment to almost every style of window found in our homes. The company does have restrictions on the areas it can work in but also has trusted associations with a number of 3rd party installers in other locations. We would therefore be delighted to hear from you about your needs and we will quickly let you know whether we can provide a service.