Selectaglaze secondary glazing with external blinds for a church needing acoustic insulation

Integrating external operating blinds with secondary glazing


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When treating a primary window which already has blinds or requires them when secondary glazing is added; clearance for the operating mechanisms of the secondary glazing and blinds, as well as the overall aesthetic should be carefully considered. If incorporating an existing blind into the design, its position may need to be adjusted as it is often the case that blinds and secondary glazing compete for the same space. Consideration also needs to be given to operating mechanisms and also give clearance for any protruding objects from the secondary glazing such as handles. It could be re-hung within the cavity created by introducing secondary glazing, or positioned over the top post installation. An agreement at the surveying stage should be reached regarding its position, so that all works necessary are carried out prior to the installation of the units. There is an option of using integral units, whereby the blind sits within a secondary glazed sealed unit. This method is particularly popular when treating a laboratory or hospital operating theatre, where privacy, cleanliness and safety to stop the spread of germs and disease are paramount. This particular project required external operating blinds to be fitted in-front of the secondary glazing. The building is a beautiful Grade II Listed deconsecrated church. A charity has had offices converted into a sports centre for the local community. The conservation officer was keen to retain full sightlines of the ornate stained glass arched headed windows as a legacy of the craftsmanship of a time gone by. Therefore, the final specification had to be discreet and sympathetic to gain approval. Large church windows with selectaglaze secondary glazing Working closely with Latitude Architects, a bespoke detail was worked-up which incorporated enlarged head timber grounds. Corner detail showing the enlarged timbers to accept the external blind over the secondary glazingDetail by Latitude Architects This allowed for the secondary glazing to be securely installed into the reveal, leaving a fixing point directly above for a slimline blind to be added. By discussing the options at an early stage, the resulting treatment is sympathetic and discreet, with the blind looking to be a considered and integral part of the design rather than an afterthought. Selectaglaze secondary glazing 3 pane horizontal slider, with external blind 3 pane horizontal slider with blind set externally above the secondary glazing