Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts has acoustic secondary glazing installed in a 3rd floor sound studio and control room

Enter stage right - RADA silenced with Selectaglaze secondary glazing


Project Profile


heritage, acoustic secondary glazing

This project features one of the most famous and prestigious schools of its type and one we worked in, back in 2017: London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). Every year, thousands of aspiring thespians and technicians apply for the handful of places on offer at this world-renowned educational establishment; looking to follow in the footsteps of alumni such as Richard Attenborough, Jane Asher, Gemma Arterton and thousands more. The school building has evolved over the years. The original Malet Street theatre block designed by Geoffrey Norman (built in 1921) was joined in 1927 with a building in Gower Street. During the Second World war, the building was partly destroyed by enemy bombs. The subsequent rebuild in 1954 provided additional rooms for rehearsal, classrooms and workshops. The end result proved to be a complex 5-story building that was disjointed and difficult to work. RADA entrances with Gower Street providing access for staff and students and Malet Street serving as the public entrance Malet Street entrance for the public and Gower Street providing access for staff and students In the late 1970s, Architect Brian Avery was asked to either restructure or relocate the School. However, it wasn’t until the Arts Council of England provided £17m from the National Lottery in 1995 that a design could be finalised and approved. The two entrances were retained but internally the buildings became linked, with the Gower Street entrance used by students and staff and Malet street providing the public entrance to the theatres, café, bar, etc. The Sound Studio and Sound Control Rooms on the 3rd floor Gower Street elevation required very high levels of sound insulation. The specification called for very large fully openable secondary windows glazed with 11.5mm laminated glass and individual windows weighed up to 85kg. In order to meet this challenging requirement, Series 40 heavy-duty casements were installed; featuring strong purpose designed flush hinges and multi-point locking.  Series 40 heavy duty side hung casement installed in the Royal Academy of Arts Sound Studio to provide high levels of sound attenuation and insulation. Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts Sound Studio and Control Room with Series 40 Side hung casement (since this installation, the Series 40 side hung casement frame has been withdrawn from the range and replaced with the Series 41 heavy duty side hung casement)