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Scheduling secondary glazing projects in the education sector


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We have considerable experience working within the constraints posed by academic establishments and as a result the quality of our products and service is widely recognised within the education sector.     Large refurbishment projects require all contractors involved to maintain good communications as laid out in the ‘Plan of work’. We are accustomed to liaising with professional teams and other subcontractors associated to the project and exchanging information to help keep the schedule of works on track. St Joseph's classroom reading area Education sector A recent example is a very large educational refurbishment project we are involved with, which has meant phasing the installation of our products over two academic years. The client stipulated from the outset that this project would be rolled out in such a way, that a minimum number of teaching rooms could be out of action during academic terms. The overall project plan timed the refurbishment so that the most disruptive works were undertaken during holiday periods. Good communication and planning between the client, main contractor, other subcontractors and ourselves meant that the installation of over 120 Series 10, horizontal sliding secondary glazing units were installed, on time and in full. As a result, disruption was kept to the bare minimum, with the students and teachers now enjoying a warm and comfortable environment in which to study. As secondary units are a finishing product, the ideal point of installation is after all construction and decorating has been completed. The planning required for the successful installation of our products requires our operations team to be involved throughout the refurbishment process. This close liaison between all parties involved ensures; optimal design, manufacture and installation of the secondary glazing for the openings to be treated as well ensuring sufficient lead times are built into the plan to minimise and eliminate delays.  It is not uncommon for education works to have forward planning so the construction phase/s can be condensed to be completed during holiday periods.