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The science of sound reduction within buildings was in its infancy in the swinging 60s. A young entrepreneur (Mr Chris Childerstone) saw a potential new market for acoustic glazing and wasted no time in developing and manufacturing a product to meet the need. An intelligent, eclectic and hardworking RAF fighter pilot, Chris Childerstone, founded Selectaglaze in May 1966. His flying experience gained him both knowledge and contacts within the aviation industry.  Being a natural businessman, Mr Childerstone used these contacts to his advantage and managed to secure contracts for his newly developed product. Selectaglaze was the first specialist supplier for acoustic glazing at the newly opened Heathrow Airport.  Mr Childerstone - founder of Selectaglaze Mr Chris Childerstone 1920 - 2001: Founded Selectaglaze Limited 23 May 1966  The current Chairman, Meredith Childerstone, literally grew up with the company and in the 1970s took over the reins as MD following his graduation from university. From its modest beginnings, Selectaglaze has grown into a company that employs over one hundred people. Each member of staff feels a sense of investment in the company and is proud of its products and services.  The quality of the company’s offering was acknowledged in 2004 by the awarding of a Royal Warrant. As a company, Selectaglaze has continued the research and development of its product range. This extends to the companies it chooses to source its materials from. Only companies that invest in the highest quality control measures, including measures to mitigate climate change are used in their products. To ensure that this level of quality is continued throughout the specification, surveying, procurement, manufacture, delivery and installation; the company adheres to the highest accreditation and quality control measures.  Selectaglaze products can be used to make buildings warmer, quieter or safer; or a combination of these. These improvements can be made in both traditional and new buildings alike.  Selectaglaze is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of secondary glazing. Its product range is the most comprehensive and of the highest quality within the secondary glazing sector. This unique range of products allows specifiers to make an optimal treatment for each individual opening. The resulting installation will provide the maximum possible benefits: acoustic, thermal and/or safety. In addition, the look, feel, function and longevity of the product is second to none. Secondary glazing has evolved into a product that can transform the thermal properties of traditional buildings, contributing to a reduction in energy usage and even a saving on bills. Acoustic secondary has significantly improved the performance of traditional buildings, as well as new-build on brown field sites, which are subjected to increasing levels of noise pollution. Founded in the twentieth century, Selectaglaze, now in its 50th year has evolved into a twenty first century company with products and services which meet and anticipate the needs of today’s market. From its outset it has been innovative and forward thinking, and intends to carry on this tradition for many more years to come.