Seminar 2: Window protection through secondary glazing systems

Windows are the most vulnerable parts of a building. This is especially true in Listed and Heritage buildings with their original, often fragile, single glazed primary windows.

This seminar provides a comprehensive understanding of how security secondary glazing can be used to upgrade their protection, and what needs to be considered – with particular emphasis on the impact of the Terrorism Protection of Premises Bill (Martyn’s Law).


  • Introduction to secondary glazing for security benefits
  • The impact of the Terrorism Protection of Premises Bill (Martyn’s Law)
  • Types of security: intruder resistance, blast mitigation, ballistic attack, fire protection
  • Test standards and methods of assessing security levels of products
  • Suitable products for use and their performance capabilities

Distributed during or on completion of the seminar:

  • CPD seminar notes
  • Product and performance guide
  • Case study booklet
CPD presentation RIBA CPD presentation RIBA CPD presentation RIBA CPD presentation RIBA CPD presentation RIBA
Length 45 Minutes plus Q&A
RIBA Core curriculum Design, Construction and Technology
Material type In-person or online 
“Very impressed with the presenter Nicholas Dabney, probably one of the most coherent CPDs I have attended. Very knowledgeable and knew how to keep the listener engaged”
Helen Wood – CPMG Archtects
“Well presented”
Ron Cox Addison Ousebank
“I really enjoyed the CPD today, so please thank Nic again for me”
Tom Jenkins ATAJ Secure

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