Halle Orchestra

The Hallé Orchestra silenced by Selectaglaze

Hallé concerts society

Grade II Listed St Peters Church in Ancoats (Manchester) had a refurbishment and is home to the Hallé Orchestra. Sound tests revealed a problem internally with the clarity in the rehearsal space and potential noise outbreak. Acousticians Sound Space Design proposed treatments to remedy these problems. The internal noise issues were treated with sound reflecting “Sound Sails” within the space using a series of pulleys. To ensure the excessive noise during concerts was contained within the venue, so not to affect local residents, secondary glazing was used to treat the windows. Excessive noise can be a contentious issue especially to those living or working in the vicinity of a music venue, adversely affecting health, wellbeing and concentration. A number of windows were treated including, 44 large round head windows and one three metre diameter circular feature window. Hinged casements were specified to all locations apart from the half round window heads and circular window which were treated with shaped fixed panels. 
St Peters Church, Manchester - rehearsal space for the Halle Orchestra
Grade 2 Listed St Peters Church, Ancoats with Selectaglaze arched head secondary glazing for thermal improvement and noise reduction to the original windows
Halle Orchestra with decorative arched windows treated with secondary glazing

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