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For a good night's sleep
Travel and tourism contribute significantly to the UK economy and are supported by a very wide range of Hotels, leisure facilities and visitor attractions throughout the country. Many of these hotels are found in historic buildings that add to their attraction. Besides the range of facilities that a hotel can offer, guests do require a comfortable room and a good night’s sleep. Reviews and recommendations can rely on this. Pubs, clubs and restaurants, that hold entertainment licences to operate, will also want to ensure that neighbours are not impacted by high noise levels to avoid jeopardising the business.
Original crittal windows at The Comet Hotel dining room in Hatfield with secondary glazing
Comet Hotel, Hatfield
Large horizontal sliding acoustic secondary glazing at Ham Yard Hotel, Soho, London
Ham Yard Hotel, Soho London

Improving hotel energy efficiency with secondary glazing

Draughty windows or inefficient glazing will create discomfort for occupants.
Surveys show that about half of a hotel's energy consumption is used for heating so raising insulation levels will improve guest satisfaction and reduce running costs. Selectaglaze secondary glazing includes two efficient draught seals and with a low emissivity glass, heat loss can be reduced by up to 65%.

Ensuring a good nights sleep for hotel guests

A significant number of Hotels will be close to city or town centres, often conveniently close to transport hubs and night life, so noise levels can be uncomfortably high. Listed historic buildings will have single glazed windows with poor acoustics and even standard double-glazed windows can prove inadequate. Well-designed secondary glazing will reduce noise levels by 45dB or more and ensure that ‘good night's sleep’.

Hotel window security

Hotels in busy city centres may attract the attention of opportunistic thieves. Retrofitting secure secondary glazing accredited to Secured by Design will add to guest’s peace of mind.

Pubs, clubs and concert venues – noise containment

To meet the 2003 Licensing act, venues wishing to hold live music performances or other forms of entertainment, must not be a nuisance to neighbours, or they will have licences revoked. Where venues have windows, secondary glazing will act to contain the noise within the building and help ensure that conditions are met. It will also make a significant contribution to comfort, safety and the control of energy costs.
Secondary windows are purpose made to precisely fit each window opening and are fully fabricated off-site. Close cooperation with Front of House and Housekeeping, allows frames to be fitted during room handover periods thereby maintaining room occupancy and avoiding loss of revenue. When full refurbishments are undertaken there is an opportunity to work with the professional design teams to optimise the benefits with minimal intrusion to the interior décor.

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