A better stay for your guests

Superior soundproofing, insulation and energy efficiency. Choose Selectaglaze secondary glazing to make your hotel a better place to stay.

From renovated Grade II Listed hotels to Mayfair boutique destinations, clients throughout London and the UK have benefited from our expertise, experience and commitment to quality.

Better soundproofing, quieter nights

Being close to transport hubs and nightlife is good for guests – but shouldn’t get in the way of a good night’s sleep. Our secondary glazing will reduce noise levels by 45dB or more. So the sounds of the city do not disturb.
Brown\\\'s Hotel - bedroom interior double unit

Better insulation, warmer rooms

No uncomfortable draughts or cold spots. Our secondary glazing will help stop heat escaping. With two efficient draught seals and low emissivity glass, you can reduce heat loss by up to 65% (up to 75% with high performance sealed glass).

Better energy efficiency, lower bills

Did you know that heating accounts for around half of your energy consumption? With secondary glazing, you can reduce that figure substantially.
Comet Hotel

Better security, more comfortable guests

Whether you’re in the heart of city or the middle of the countryside, hotels will always be prime burglary targets. Retrofitting secure secondary glazing that’s accredited to Secured by Design will add to your peace of mind – and your guests’.

Better for our environment

More and more guests choose greener hotels – and more and more hotels choose greener suppliers. As well as helping you cut your energy usage, we are committed to sustainability. Our aluminium frames are made from 60% recycled materials, our glazing is long-lasting and we minimise environmental impact in everything we do.
Arch Hotel unit close-up

Nobody understands secondary glazing better

Taking rooms out of service for building work damages revenue – and any disruption will impact on your guests’ stay. We’ll make sure installation is quick and easy, with minimal disruption. From relatively simple upgrades to ambitious refurbishment projects, we can provide stunning, sympathetic secondary glazing. Creating the perfect destination for your guests.

What our customers say...

“We are naturally very proud of what we have achieved here and the extremely high standard of workmanship. One of the major problems we faced involved retaining the windows but ensuring the building reached our exacting standards of energy efficiency and noise insulation, particularly to the suites at the front of the building overlooking Great Cumberland Place. The beauty of Selectaglaze systems is not only the acoustic and thermal properties but the fact they are unobtrusive, all you see are the Georgian windows behind”
John Duckworth - AB Hotel’s Project Manager
“The service and the product range offered by Selectaglaze are of a high quality. The secondary glazing frames are visible from inside, but they are of slender cross-sections and they are white powder coated which blends appropriately with the window frame and window linings. The frames do not obscure any of the glazed area of the windows so there is no impact on the amount of light entering the room or the view out of the room. I was particularly impressed by the depth of knowledge and professionalism of the surveyors and fitters who I met and discussed the project with. I don’t doubt that the secondary glazing will be in place for decades to come.”
Peter Bell - LPOC Conservation Advisor
“The windows look great, I bet you never thought you would hear me say that!”
Carden & Godfrey Architects

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